The 2023-24 OQBA Season has been released!
August 15th 2023...

Great news! The 2023-2024 OQBA Season Schedule has been released!

You can check out all of our Official 2023-2024 Season Tournament Dates, whith posters and detailed information like money added, dates, and venues from our Tournaments page, on Facebook or by consulting our partner site:

Hint: You can also click the picture in this article...

Jason Munro joins the OQBA!
August 15th 2023...

We are happy to announce that Jason Munro has recently joined the OQBA Admin Team!
Please join us in welcoming him to the team and in thanking him for all of the help that he has given us these past weeks! Jason will be performing important functions for us and will provide help which is greatly needed and appreciated! Here's an exerpt from his first message as an official OQBA Team Member:

The work has already begun to plan the best season the ABQO Tour has had yet! We are finalizing the schedule for the 2023-2024 season and it will be posted soon! We are very proud to announce our sponsors from last season have confirmed their involvement and support for another season! We are have also reached out to new sponsors and we hope to add even more to the upcoming season!

Please join us in welcoming him to the team!

Jason Hubert leaves the OQBA and returns to the tables!
August 10th 2023...
In a recent Facebook annoucement, Jason told us that he would be pursuing the game in lieu of the orgnasation... Here's an exerpt from his annoucement:

As a lot of you have noticed, I have been playing a lot more pool lately. I’ve found the passion again to get back into the game that I truly love. When I started organizing tournaments we had 5 people show up to the first one in Aylmer, then Mathieu jumped on board with me and the OQBA took off. I never thought we would have this much success in our tournaments...
As playing in the tournaments while running them has been almost impossible as you can’t fully concentrate on playing, the competitiveness in me was missing. Watching everyone play is amazing but I truly wanted to compete in every tournament along with everyone. I have always been a tournament player and I love the challenge the game brings.
With that said, as Jason Munro will be helping us this year, it should free up the time required for me to play. Game On!

We thank you for your short stay with us, sir, and we wish you the best of luck on your road back to the game! May your aim be true, and your wins plentiful!


OQBA 2022-23 Official Calendar & Sponsors

This season's OQBA Champions League is sponsored once again this year by the same generous sponsors! Thank you so much: 30 000$ were invested so far this season! Become a sponsor today!

Contact Mathieu Charlebois or Jason Hubert to become one of our prestigeous sponsors

Current Season Sponsors

July 30th 2022


Hello folks! Here is the schedule for this upcoming OQBA Season! Last minute change to accommodate for Turning Stone:
Aug. 27-28th 2022 is the OQBA-Pro Combined Opening! Format Predator-Pro! and
September 3-4 2022 is the OQBA-Amateur Opening!
Just follow the page numbers!
Happy reading.

Note that 1 date is not down for OQBA yet, but all our OQBA dates and halls are confirmed folks!
Note that some of the items here could be changed, like venues, but in the same regions, mostly for the partnerships with Predator Quebec Pro-Am Tour, and the Le Challenge 10.0.

Big thanks to our partners, helpers, logistical magic makers and HUGE sponsorships this year:

David Deschênes
David Blanchet
Predator Quebec Pro-Am Tour

Elvis Joubert
Doolys St-Hyacinthe
(Merci de votre coop les boyz!)

Ras Jamani
Jason Caling
at Doolys Ottawa
(Huge logistics help! Thanks a ton guys! This is going to be a good season!)

Kenny Donald
at Flesher's Upholstery
(Thank you so much for the help and generous sponsorships sir! None of this is possible without your generous help! Let me know what company to add to this coop effort!)

Olympiques de Gatineau

David S. Lee
at DigiVie Communications

Sebastien Binette(The OQBA Pro Sponsored player)

Jason Hubert
(Merci de l'aide partner)

OQBA - Streams - ABQO
(the 2nd sponsor, and the streamer... streaming will get better! 2 days!

Word Document OQBA Season 2022-2023.docx
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Page 2 - Image Page2_En.png
Page 3 - Image Page3_En.png
Page 4 - Image Page4_En.png
Page 5 - Image Page5_En.png
Page 6 - Image Page6_En.png
Page 7 - Image Page7_En.png

June 16th 2022

June 11th FINALS - OQBA After Action Report

WOW! 10 660$ in prizes and 600$ in raffle prize winners this time around!
Consult the images below for detailed payout amounts.

A strong final with 43 players folks! Great turnout by the semi-pro class I must say as only 2 of the 14 qualified did not show up for this event! Incredible job folks!

Here's a few pictures of our finalists and the presentation table. We will have more and better pictures for you next season!

Winners of raffle prizes:

  • Laurent Bureau = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • Do Gauthier = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • Loreen Toutant = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • Kelly Ten Holder = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • Marc Malette = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • Marc Ducharme = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • [Acquiring Data] = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • [Acquiring Data] = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • [Chaise de la mort!] = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • [Chaise de la mort!] = 50$ Thewinningstroke
  • Luc Comtois = Gant Predator
  • Kenny Donald = 1hr Tatto chez Jeff Tattoo
  • Best In Class B = Bronco Dragic (Trophy + Split/50$)
  • Best In Class B = Kelly Ten Holder (Split/50$)
  • Best In Class A = William Langelier (100$ + Trophy)

To the point: This draws the OQBA 21(nope)-22 season to a close!

3 250$ saved for next season in the SP and less format.
5 000$ found for the Pro level format.
Our next tournament will be in September.
One Predator Quebec Pro-Am Tour stop here in the region
One Challenge 10.0 stop here in the region!
We are also going to be sponsoring some Pro level events! Yessss! More billiards next year!

See you soon OQBA!

May 6th 2022

April 30th OQBA After Action Report

WOW! More than 15 000$ in prizes this time around!
Consult the images below for detailed payout amounts.

As you already know, this tournament had a turnout of 64 players and many spectators! Incredible! Thank you all so much for coming to our event. Our next one, the finals, will be held on June 11th at Dooly’s Ottawa. We really hope to see you all again in such big numbers, as well as throughout next year’s season!

Please note that in the midst of all the commotion, a clerical mistake was made by the organization which saw some of the prize money moved over to the calcutta side. Therefore, those who cashed in on the calcutta got more than they should have, whilst the performance prizes saw less than they should have. In the spirit of transparency, which the OQBA strongly believes in, we are owning up to this mistake now and will pay those that received less than they should have. Rest assured that we have taken steps so that this mistake will not happen again.

Also note: this will not affect next year’s “saved” amounts as it is coming directly out of our pockets... We know that some of you will not want or care about the extra $, and if that is the case or if we don’t hear back from you before June 11th, we will take the extra money and put it towards the finals: which already has 1 000$ added and possibility for another 1 000$ from sponsors, and the unclaimed amounts!

Please see the list below, and if your name shows up as owed/in red, please contact Mathieu Charlebois or Jason Hubert to get your due.

Winners and Adjustments

1st - Mehdi BM OK - Correct Payout
2nd - Denys Zbikowski OK - Claimed +200$
3rd - Solomon Kitty OK - Claimed +150$
4th - Éric Marcoux - Lévesque OK - Claimed +200$
5-6 - Samuel Matthews Claimed (June 11th) +100$
5-6 - Laurent Bureau Unclaimed +100$
7-8 - Brad Guthrie Unclaimed +50$
7-8 - David Deschênes Unclaimed +50$
9-12 - Mehdi Harraq Unclaimed +65$
9-12 - Sebastien Binette OK - Claimed +65$
9-12 - Sébastien Cousineau Unclaimed +65$
9-12 - Simon Boucher Unclaimed +65$
Best A - Pierre Lamarche OK - Trophy given
Best B - Kelly ten Holder OK - Trophy given
Kamui Glove - Randy Lalonde Unclaimed
1hr Tattoo - Roxanne Ryan Aucoin Unclaimed

The Final Word

Thanks again to all of you for coming this week-end! It was quite an amazing turnout and we can't thank you enough! June 11th folks!
See you soon OQBA-ABQO!
By the players, for the players and for the betterment of Billiards everywhere

April 19th 2022

22-23 Season = + 7 000$ added!
April 30th = + 1 000$ added!
May 21st = + 1 000$ added!

OQBA Streams & Fleshers Upholstery
Thanks to a partnership between our generous sponsors Fleshers Upholstery and OQBA Streams ABQO, we are proud to announce that there will be more than 1 000$ added to the April 30th tournament, as well as another 1 000$ or more added to our finals on May 21st! :) As well, thanks to these sponsors, we have more than 7 000$ saved for next season’s tournaments, including a minimum of 2 000$ added to our finals! Join us and register to play today! The April 30th tournament is your last chance to qualify for the finals:
OQBA Facebook Group
OQBA Arpil 30th Registration

Doolys Ottawa
During the April 30th tournament, we will have access to the mezzanine at Doolys Ottawa! As well, for our finals of this year, all of the tables will be refelted with new carpets! A big thank you to Ras Jamani, Jay and all of the team at Doolys Ottawa for making this possible and supporting our circuit!

WelcomeInns & TravelLodge
For the rest of this season, as well as next season, our sponsors at WelcomeInns and Travelodge Ottawa East offers you a 109$/night stay for 2 to 4 people per room! It’s not expensive to stay, so come play!
WelcomeInns OQBA Rate
Travelodge OQBA Rate

Billard Laurentides et Winning stroke
Thanks to their generous gift of a set of Arcos 2 Predator billiard balls that we are raffling off, Billard Laurentides and The Winning Stroke have enabled us to save another 750$ for next year’s final! As well, if we sell all our tickets by April 30th, we will have money added to this year’s finals too! Get your tickets today:
OQBA Streams ABQO Raffle

See you soon OQBA!
By the players, for the players and for the betterment of billiards! Jason Hubert
Mathieu Charlebois

April 10th 2022

New hours: Doors open at 9h30, tournament starts around 10h00-10h15

Just send us a message (Jason or Matt), and we will add you to the list of registered players

Go Go OQBA! If we get more than 50 players registered, we will have bonuses:

  • Best in class B goes up to 100$
  • Best in class A goes up to 100$
  • Bounty of 75$ drawn on site
  • Calcutta at the start of the tournament!

If you pay your entry fee in advance, you also get 5$ off. However, your entry fee is non-refundable should you not be able to make it on the day of.

March 19th 2022

Our first tournament was a great success! We gave out over 2 000$ in prizes, including a 750$. 1st place money prize and first time OQBA Championship League trophy owner, goes to Luc Comtois, a local Semi-Professional! I heard he had quite a challenge against player Glen Ford Facun, another known Semi-Professionnal of the region! Great pool, and an amazing turnout with 42 players. This during the end of a practically non-existing season, first time around... results speak for themselves =)

You have voted! The money saved for this third-of-a-season will go towards next years finals! Thanks to your participation and our sponsors, we were able to save 250$ for next season's final already!

Next Tournament?
April 30th at Doolys Ottawa, doors open at 9h30!
OQBA Players group
OBQA Live Streams

We are already expecting more than 50 players and will have 2 streamed tables on OBQA - Streams - ABQO!

See you soon OQBA Players! Amazing people who love the sport like us!

Check here for format details, and a word from our sponsors, or consult the poster below...

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